How to Play French Toast

French Toast is deceptively simple. One person is the leader and thinks of an object but doesn't tell the other players what it is. Game play begins when a player makes a guess as to the object the leader is thinking of and the leader says whether or not that guess or French Toast is more like the object in his head. If the guess is more similar, that guess then becomes the "reference object." If French Toast (the initial "reference object") is more similar, it remains the reference object.

Game play ends when someone guesses the hidden object.

A sample start of the game:

The leader chooses an object, the Statue of Liberty.

Leader: Ok, ready.
Bubba: A vinyl record
Leader: French Toast (because he thinks french toast is more like the
Statue of Liberty than french toast is like it...maybe because the
statue was build by the french)
Bubba: a lamp
Leader:  a lamp (more like the Statue of Liberty than french toast is like it)
Bubba: a cup of soup
Leader: a lamp
Bubba: a violin
Leader: a lamp
Bubba: a french maid
Leader: (excitedly) A FRENCH MAID!


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