June 14, 1999

my poem.
by dave (age 6)

i like tigers. they are funny.
when tigers eat people they aren't.
but sometimes they are.

i like anteaters because they eat
ants and ants eat food at picnics.

yogi bear is a good bear, so is smokey
because without him there would be more fires.

June 11, 1999 ...

It's getting close. I can feeeel it. Check out the new second announcement. Also, if you missed it, here's the first announcement.

June 1, 1999 ... later that night

The Fotomat now links to the all-new Flaming Deathtrap cam. Watch Deathtrapians in their natural habitat. Sometimes sober, even.

June 1, 1999

I'm geting antsy. The creature in the basement is now demanding heads of lettuce and there's a definite shortage of iceberg here in California. It's all about control. What it wants and what I can give it. My dreams have become irregular. I have visions of rolling over it with a lawn mower. But I have no mower. Time to find more lettuce.

Check out the Rules for French Toast now online. Vrootie!

May 21, 1999

It's 8AM. Too f'ing early. I'm going on a company retreat, so I thought I would leave you with another link. Our friend Heathen, also known as Princess Heather Honeybunny, has given us leave to link to her stories for our Storytime feature.

Check it out.

Okay, now I go to sleep on the bus. Sheesh


May 21, 1999

Dave here. Hi. I'm up late and I just got a jury duty notice. Perfect time to avoid paying the old bills and to work on the Connector. I'm in the process of putting together this year's FAQ but if you're dying for an injection of DNA last year's Ectoplasmic Connector, v1.0 is still online.

Be sure to check out Anca's kick-ass description of the game Mafia.

And now, a fun fact. Hello Kitty's birthday, according to some Kitty schwag Boogles found for me, is November 1st.

May 20, 1999

Welcome, once again, to the Ectoplasmic Connector. Dave and Anca are working as fast as we can to bring you new content. Meanwhile, we've finally decided when DnA 26 is going to be this year, and so we can invite you. Check out our information page. You can also click on the "What the hell" button on the left.

Content will appear behind the buttons on the left shortly. But now I am tired, and I want to sleep.