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Le Menu de DNA26

"There's Always Something Special Cooking At DNA!"

NOTE: The following Menu is good only for June 18th, 19th, and 20th. Menu items, availability, and dining times vary by location. Consult the nearest Fine DNA Dining Establishment for availability and times.

Our Specials Served with your choice of: mallard * three pancakes * Mybabygot Sauce * toast
(June 18th) *Friday Special*: Join DNA in the Lizards Lounge Room with your red shag schwag bag for a dazzling display of musical talent, glassware, party favors, and toilet training. Today's cuisine: Hostess Sushi including Twinkie Nagini, Ho Ho Maki, and Cupcake Sashimi.

(June 19th) *Saturday Special*: Come to the Polynesian Oasis for the famous Zombie and MEAT. Dinner will be accompanied by shopping cart races, so bring your helmet.

(June 20th) *Sunday Special*: Sand-shark souffli. Earn that bigger boat by gargling sand with the best of them at the DNA Fire and Water Park. Add a little something of your own to the souffli (we suggest wood, alcohol, and wood alcohol, but as always, the customer knows best).

DNA Patty Melt: come to the Texas Hot Sauce room for a little ZoomTV and a fiery sauti of roasted pigeon. Smothered in only the finest cheese. And peas. Option: substitute pigeon meat with Grandma's Home-cooked Fatty Tuna.

The Emperor Norton: Toast as only the Emperor Himself might eat it; surrounded in a throne of butter, pierced with a Pillsbury Food Stick sceptre, and served on a live alligator. Allow 30 minutes to catch alligator.

Dave's "Bottomless Mug of Gin": Just when you think you've had all the gin you can drink, a waitress named Betty will come by and refill your mug. The gin keeps flowing until you're ready to bring home our decorative inflatable Hello Kitty and treat her right. That's when we pull the plug.

Anca's "Topless Daiquiri": For those of you with rummy noses, nothing beats a frothy frozen concoction served in a glass with no top! You provide the topping. Flavors include Pink, Orange, Neon Green and Turquoise.

For more menu choices, contact the DNA evolving restaurant, at

Yes! Oh Yes! DNA 26 is coming, in just one week! The long version of this menu, with more detailed explanations, can be found at

You will get one more announcement, next week, with directions and more. Stay on your toes!

DNA26 - Dave 'n' Anca's 26th Birthday Bash is June 18, 19th, and 20th. If you want to help us shop, set up, (and gods forbid, clean up) drop us a line privately, or at the ever-present We won't pay you, but we'll love you more.

Dave and Anca (DNA)